What an abomination. Wawa in the F Tier. Subway in the B. Arby’s in the C. We’re talking about fast food roast beef here people. ROAST BEEF! When you’re putting Jimmy John’s above Wawa, Quiznos, and Jersey Mikes, you’ve lost me. This list is why no one in this country can agree on anything:

Here’s my list:

A couple of thoughts:

  • Wawa’s run as an A Tier spot ended in 2012 with the expansion. It happens. Quality is always the first to go as more places pop up. But I still get an Italian hoagie every time I go in there and it still hits the spot. Sheetz is F Tier. Deal with it.
  • If I could rank Arby’s, Papa Johns, and Baja Fresh lower I would have.
  • Dominos > Pizza Hut and it isn’t close. Late night Dominos is the best. You don’t understand how good Dominos is until it’s 2 am and there is no late night Dominos around. Right now the only pizza place open near me at that time is the Papa. I’ve ordered it a couple times and I rather go to bed hungry than eat Papa Johns. Not even Shaq can fix that place.
  • McDonalds is A Tier no matter what. They have the longevity. It’s like Derek Jeter at the end. You know he isn’t spraying it to all parts of the field anymore, but having The Captain at SS and in the lineup gives the guys that familiarity and comfort you can’t replicate. Go get a hash brown, egg McMuffin and diet Coke after a night of drinking and try to tell me it doesn’t bring you back to life.
  • Qdoba is closer to Chipotle than people want to admit. Their tacos are just as good. Their queso is head and shoulders better. The only thing lacking is in their burrito ingredients. Unfortunately that’s what is most important in these rankings since that is what I typically order. Also, Chipotle’s chips are A Tier.
  • I need to eat at more fast food joints.

There it is. Roast me? Agree with me? Let me know what you think here:


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