Let’s fucking go:

Man this shit goes so hard. Everybody thinks this guy plays a soft and conservative defense, but the real Jonathan Gannon wants to rip out the entrails of the opposing team and leave them strewn across the 50-yard line. A full disembowelment. In this case, the damage wasn’t intestinal, but they knocked Brock Purdy out of the game with a UCL tear instead, so it was a difference type of violence.

Gannon’s stock has never been higher. He puts a top-5 defense on the field all year long, listens to dipshit fans and media ask for more aggression, then his unit knocks two QBs out of the NFC Championship Game. Now he’s going to the Super Bowl and getting head coaching interviews. If the Birds win it all, the Gannon haters are going to have no choice but bend over and kiss this man’s rear end.