The new Union jerseys have Thomas as the sponsor:

These is the secondary kit, so they’ll still have the Bimbo sponsor as their primary.

The kits themselves look pretty cool, I just can’t get over the fact that professional athletes have to run around with a fucking bagel brand on their jerseys. And who cares about english muffins anyway? Only the English care.

Sure, Bimbo’s local HQ is in Horsham, and they’ve been a good partner for the Union going all the way back to 2011, but jersey sponsors are SO CORNY. If I buy a jersey, it can only have three things on it: the team logo, a name, and a number. There can be no baked goods sponsor, no Apple TV on the sleeve, no on the chest, none of that stuff. Enough already. Fire jersey sponsors into the sun. I hate Capitalism and will vote for Bernie in 2026.