“We’re Not Getting in the Playoffs,” Says Torts

via Flyers postgame stream

Somehow this is my third Flyers post of the day.

Nothing crazy here, but Torts said straight up at the Monday morning presser that the Flyers aren’t going to the playoffs. That line is around the 7:20 mark but I’ll start it with the question and give you the full context:

“I’m hoping that we understand, especially now, we’re not getting in the playoffs. We need to concentrate on being who we are, as hard as we can be, and try to win games, understanding we have to defend first.”

Then later in the press conference he says “…next year’s going to be a grind too. This is a process. I’m just being totally honest with you here.”

We all knew this team was a long shot to make the postseason, but it’s still a little jarring to hear the coach of a 23-28-10 squad with 21 games left say that it’s over and done. You never know what might happen. What if the Flyers get hot and go on a fuckin’ HEATER? It’s highly unlikely, but you get the point.

Not sure what the takeaway here is. I guess it’s uber-rare to hear a coach come out and make this admission, even we all know it’s true. Tortorella is just being honest, which he repeats about 15 times in that press conference. Only Torts know if he’s sending a message to Chuck Fletcher or someone else in the organ-eye-zation ahead of the trade deadline.