BREAKING NEWS: Darius Slay is Back Where He Belongs!

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Straight from the source! Darius Slay is back like he never motherfucking left!

Jeff McLane is reporting the deal is being reworked and won’t include new money while also clearing cap space:

I don’t know how the fuck Howie is getting all of these contracts under the cap, but something tells me Capstradamus is in NovaCare not even breaking a sweat looking like this:

This is amazing. A complete 180 from the 2018 offseason. Not overpaying or extending guys who may be on their last leg, working the margins with prove it deals that could materialize into home runs, and it helps that your QB looks bulletproof. You gotta love Howie learning from his mistakes. Now they just have to get a deal with CJGJ done and this dude is about to smoke some pastrami: