Jalen Mills was cut in a surprise move by the Patriots:

The only thing that made your dad’s blood boil more than Asante Samuel not being able to tackle was Jalen Mills wagging his finger after a ball sailed 20 feet over a wide receiver’s head:

Could we see a rise in blood pressure this fall? Mills had two years left on his deal, but only played in 10 games last year due to a groin injury. On the Pats he played CB after switching from safety where he played for the Birds in 2019 after switching from corner. If Howie strikes out on CJGJ, could we see Mills and Vanilla Nice back there sharing time? God I hope so. Vanilla Nice needs some swag to rub off of him. Get that dude some green ass hair.

You think Foles vs. Wentz separated this city, just wait til we heat the Pro-Wag vs. Anti-Wag debate back up:

P.S. Here’s Jalen Mills in an Eagles jersey if you need more help envisioning it: