From Schefter and Windhorst at ESPN:

Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos has become the newest potential bidder to tour the Washington Commanders‘ stadium and training facility as he seeks to buy the franchise, league sources told ESPN.

There are only three known bidders for the Commanders — groups led by Josh Harris, Houston Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta and now Apostolopoulos, though there has been speculation that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos could potentially join the mix as well.

Never heard of this guy, but he’s the founder of Six Ventures Inc., which is a “private equity venture fund.” You don’t have to know anything about what a “private equity venture fund” actually does to understand that the dudes running it are filthy rich.

Will this guy win the Commies’ bid? Word on the street is that Dan Snyder doesn’t want to sell to Bezos, and if that’s true, then Josh Harris and these other dudes seemingly have a shot. We don’t have a dog in the fight, but we’d love to be able to make fun of the owner of a division rival, ala Jerry Jones, and this Canadian guy doesn’t do it. Josh Harris presents a conflict. I guess it’s gotta be Bezos or Fertitta and then we have something to work with. We have some ammunition. Onward, comrades.