Lost in the shit show of last week, with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson’s agency going public to essentially poo-poo the Eagles’ reported offer, was actual detail of the one-year deal he signed with Detroit. Some outlets were reporting that it was one year for $8 million and others were reporting it was one year, UP TO $8 million.

Pro Football Talk says it’s the latter:

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, it has a base value of $6.5 million. Gardner-Johnson can make another $1.5 million via a package of incentives — all of which require the Lions to finish in the top 16 of yards allowed.

He gets $375,000 for 70-percent playing time or $750,000 for 80-percent playing time. He also gets $375,000 for three interceptions or $750,000 for five interceptions.

So he’ll get another $375,000 or another $750,000 or another $1.125 million or another $1.5 million. Or nothing at all.

Again, even if he has 100-percent playing time and 15 or more interceptions, he gets nothing unless the Lions finish in the top half of the league defensively.

Detroit gave up almost 400 yards per game last year. They were ass. Dead last in that category.

But anyway, now you know the details of CJGJ’s deal, and knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe.