New Philly competition:

Who can delete the most tweets in a 24-hour period? The leader in the clubhouse was A.J. Brown, but now it’s Chauncey Gardner-Johnson reconquering the throne:

What’s most fascinating is that these guys are millionaire athletes who aren’t even working right now. Or, technically they’re doing an offseason program and keeping themselves in shape and blah blah, but they’re not doing some shitty 9 to 5 like the rest of us. They’re not sitting at a desk for eight hours or replacing shingles on a roof or writing crap blogs at a sports website.

Point being, if I was A.J. Brown or CJGJ, the last place I’d be is on social media. You can go anywhere and do anything you want right now. Why are you even on Twitter in the first place, let alone constantly deleting tweets? I’d be roadtripping across the USA or vacationing in South America or hiking in the woods. I’d be as far away from my phone as possible. Delete all of your social media apps and only answer if your agent calls. Go climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Chris Long.

I don’t get it. Someone explain this to me.