CJGJ Tweets and Deletes “The Disrespect Real!” Amid Free Agency Negotiations

via @eliotshorrparks on Twitter

CJGJ has deleted more tweets than the guy who used to own the Timberwolves:

This is good news for the Birds. After talking to NFL Insider Geoff Mosher on Crossing Broadcast today it seems like CJGJ’s people thought there would be more interest around the NFL and more money:

If CJGJ ends up signing back with the Eagles put another feather in Howie’s cap because him and front office read the market perfectly. The franchise tag would’ve given him $14 million. Grabbing him for $9-$11 mil would be a steal and the reason they were able to bring back guys like James Bradberry long term and other Eagles legends on short term deals.

Listen to more with Geoff. We talked about how close the Eagles and Jalen Hurts are with his  contract extension, was Slay leaving, and all the other free agency moves in the last 48 hours: