This has to be fake right? It’s too perfect. The set up, the shot of the girlfriend, and the security guard snapping this dude’s neck are all too perfect. When does this movie trailer come out? It’s like when Adam Sandler had to incorporate a scene from a New York team into every one of his movies during the 2000s. Judd Apatow definitely yelled “CUT” right after this video ended. Fat security guards are supposed to be getting their ankles snatched, not delivering perfect form tackles. This dude shouldn’t be a security guard, he should be playing safety at USC:

HERE COMES THE BOOM! The DBacks player going from celebrating to shock was the perfect cherry on top:

If this is real, that’s how you set the tone early in Dodgers Stadium. Let everyone in the fanbase know that if you’re thinking about running on the field, you better do it in right now that Brian Dawkins is roaming left. While Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman were getting hacks in during spring training, Dodgers security was doing tackling drills.

Jesus Christ it is real. What a Hollywood ending:

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P.S. Still not better than the dude who got tased at Citizens Bank Park: