Elon Musk checking in. Take a look at the last sentence:

“Voting in polls will require verification..”

This means the end of WIP queries like “should Jonathan Gannon be fired?”. It also means Anthony Gargano can’t do the food bracket, so stromboli vs. bang bang shrimp is pretty much out the window. We’ve done March Madness bracket voting via Twitter as well, but no longer, because if only Twitter blue subscribers can vote, then the rest of us are shit out of luck. There just won’t be enough of a sample size to get a legit response.

Ultimately, this is a probably a good thing for content, because Twitter polls are the low-hanging fruit of sports talk. WIP really abuses this the most, asking question like “Are you concerned about the Phillies after they fell to 27-1 on the season?” or “is Andy Reid a huge piece of shit, or a humongous piece of shit?”. Now you gotta pay $8 a month to answer those burning questions.