Bring your sign. Bring your Flyers gear. Flyers fans are organizing a protest outside Xfinity Live! on Saturday.


Maybe Xfinity will do something for the protestors if they don’t have a Penguins watch party to set up first.

The ironic thing about this is a random Flyers fan who runs a pest control company has laid out a more organized plan in his Notes app than Chuck Fletcher and Comcast have:

Plus, I really just like seeing the graphic design improve throughout each post. Here we have ransom letter chic:

This one screams “I just discovered Canva”. No more Microsoft Paint:

Yea, it’s supposed to rain a little on Saturday, but think of it as the tears of Flyers fans who’ve passed watching their franchise be run into the ground while signing guys like Nic Deslauriers to a four-year deal.

If you want some therapy you can watch the latest Snow The Goalie: Trade Deadline Special to help fire yourself up in case you forgot how bad it was last week: