Former Denver head coach George Karl:

It’s kooky to talk about a guy taking possessions off when he’s third in the league in usage (36.9%) and has more points than minutes played over the last two games, which were a road/road back to back. Only Luka and Giannis see more of the offense go through them, and if you wanna talk about taking possessions off, watch Nikola Jokic on the defensive end. The guy protects the rim like I protect my digestive system from Taco Bell.

As far as “body language” and being a professional and all of that, every Sixers fan knows that Embiid turned a hard corner in the maturity department about two seasons ago. Whatever you think Embiid is now, it’s much more polished and less emotional and knee-jerkish than it was at the beginning. He still trolls where necessary, but those instances are few and far between compared to the Joel of his first few seasons.

The MVP conversation is super sloppy right now. Just a complete shit show. Ad hominem attacks! Joel just has to keep performing the way he is and he’ll win it, because there’s no denying the run of form he and his team are currently in.