Forget the fact that Kyle Schwarber absolutely OWNS Yu Darvish for a second. Look at this dude almost fall over the second deck railing jumping for a Schwarbomb:

Hung on by his dick!

I love Schwarbs as much as the next guy. That home run was amazing! But Jesus, there’s no reason to go splat over a home run ball in the WBC. For the World Series? Go hog wild. But for an amateur tournament like the WBC, battle in the scrum like the rest. Not to mention this dude wasn’t even close. Could you imagine the line at the viewing? His poor family has to sit there with embarrassment all over their faces while people snicker because their kid has the hand-eye coordination of a blind man. Dad is kicking himself because he knew he should have had more catches with him. Just wait til the guys down at the pub get ahold of this video. Totally debilitating. It’s one thing to know your kid sucked at sports, it’s another for the entire world to see it.

P.S. RIP that one dude’s phone at the end. Good luck getting an Uber back to your hotel when your phone looks like Hitchbot after he stopped in Philly for a couple hours.