We had former agent, Packers executive, and current Villanova professor Andrew Brandt on Crossing Broadcast this week. He’s negotiated contracts against Aaron Rodgers and for Ricky Williams so we wanted to ask him what he would do in Howie’s position with Jalen Hurts. He gave an answer I was surprised at:

I don’t think I’ve talked to any Eagles fan who thinks Jalen Hurts won’t be going into next season with a deal. We had NFL Insider Geoff Mosher on last week and he said Jalen Hurts would more likely sit out rather than play if there wasn’t an extension in place before the season. To me both arguments makes sense. Brandt had a good point about Dak Prescott getting paid more even after the injury. If Hurts performs well next year while Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert reset the QB market, he could cash in $10+ million a year more. On the other hand, Dak negotiated with morons in the Cowboys front office. We’re talking about the Executive of the Year here in Howie Roseman. A shrewd negotiator that won’t stop until he gets what he wants. If things get messy Howie will tack on 15 dummy years for all he cares. The guy restructures more than Donald Trump after another casino goes belly up. It’ll be interesting to follow what happens in the next couple of months.

Speaking of Howie, he’s doing a sit down interview with Andrew at Villanova Law’s annual symposium next Friday, March 31st. It’s open to the public and will also feature Carl Nassib, Justin Tuck, and Ross Tucker. If you’re interested in getting tickets hit that link above.