Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

Howard Eskin thinks Brandon Graham is coming back for another season. He said this on 94 WIP, transcribed by Andrew Porter at Audacy:

“Brandon Graham is not going to get a lot of money, in the grand scheme of what you consider a lot of money,” Eskin told Joe Giglio and Hugh Douglas on Tuesday’s 94WIP Midday Show. “And I think he’s coming back. From what I understand they’re working it out, that he’ll be back. He’s what? A 20-snap player? OK, so 20 snap player and they kind of understand that.”

Now Howard hasn’t broken a story since George W. Bush was in office, but he knows every single person in Philadelphia sports, and carries water for the Eagles as their radio sideline guy with the obnoxious fur coat, so I’ll give The King the benefit of the doubt here. If The King thinks Brandon Graham is returning to the Eagles, then I believe him.

It’s good to be The King.