This viral math problem has consumed my afternoon thanks to C.J. Gardner-Johnson:

I know my PEMDAS and there is no way the answer is 9. Step into my office:


Parentheses is first so you add (1+2). I was taught to keep the parentheses when it’s lined up next to a multiplier. So I did.


Which leaves us with this:


Bang 1 is the answer.

Supposedly we have a bunch of math teachers following CB because they were gracious enough to offer me help:


If this is the case then why is the saying Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally? Why is it not Please Excuse Dear My Aunt Sally? Or Please Excuse My and Dear Aunt Sally.

I also think this guy says I’m right in principle. So I stopped reading after the first sentence:

There was so much discourse I decided to go where everyone goes nowadays to learn. YouTube. Where I found out I was right…at one point history:

Historical justification baby! I’ll take it!

It looks like this problem goes viral every couple of months because of people’s interpretations of the PEMDAS rules. It’s all about what you were taught. Am I wrong? Maybe. But in 1917, I’d be Albert fucking Einstein. In 2023, I’m just another mouth breather. Don’t care. I’m sticking to my guns. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong online, it only matters how stubborn you are and continually shouting over your opponent until they give up helps. 6÷2(1+2)= 1

P.S. While I have you here. What is the color of this dress?

Kinkead: I have no clue what the correct answer is. I was busy working on a 3,000-word deep dive that I think you’ll like. Should be published tomorrow or Wednesday.