Chauncey Gardner-Johnson did his introductory press conference in Detroit on Monday, saying this about his Philly departure:


“The experience that I had, I don’t have no bad blood. People overreacted with a tweet in free agency, but it was never disrespectful toward the organization. The organization treated me like family. It’s just, you’ve got to do what’s best for your family. That’s all it is.” 

Meantime, Jim Trotter at, no relation to Jeremiah, says the Eagles had a chance to match that one year, $8 million Detroit gave CJGJ:

Dunno. Whole thing seems weird. The agent tweeted out that $17 million was backloaded into a three year, $24 million offer, but I’ve never heard of that much money being pushed to the final year of a contract like that, nor does it seem like something the Eagles typically do. If there’s a comp, it’s not ringing a bell. Certainly the free agent safety market was not very robust, for lack of a better word, and that played the key role in how this unfolded.