Javon Hargrave is a 49er now, so he went on The Morning Roast radio show out there, hosted by the dipshit pair who complained about their time in Philly and whined about “fake gangsters” and all of that. Bonta Hill and some milquetoast white guy, can’t remember his name.

Logan Mullen at Audacy transcribed part of the interview:

(Hargrave) told “The Morning Roast” that San Francisco was giving them bulletin board material.

“That was something,” Hargrave said. “Coach (Nick Sirianni) had put it up on a board and tried to give us a little motivation before the game. Just reminding us that basically they said we were a paper team, they were saying we were a paper team and stuff.

“That was something people took personally and just wanted to go out there and prove (wrong). But I think that’s all of us. When we hear someone talking down on us that just gives us a little motivation, so I think that was just a little motivation for us in that game.”

Confirmation here that the Eagles literally do put material up on a board. Not that they necessarily needed motivation going into the NFC Championship Game on their home field (with real grass), but in this case it seems like it gave them a bit of an extra edge. They took that bulletin board material and knocked two quarterbacks out of the game, en route to a 31-7 victory. They fucking gutted those guys.

Here’s the interview if you wanna listen to it. Pull the volume down when Hill and milquetoast talk, then pull it back up when Hargrave answers: