Joel Embiid went for 36 and 19 with four blocks in a Wednesday night road win against the #4 seed in the east, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That, combined with our incessant complaining on Twitter, has launched him into the top position for MVP at the major sportsbooks.

Here’s what DK has listed as of Thursday morning:

You gotta think Jokic at +150 to win MVP is the easiest money out there. There is absolutely no way that the 57 combined voters from The Ringer, The Athletic, and Tencent will let Embiid win this thing, right? This is the ultimate win/win type of bet if you’re a Sixers fan. Either you cash on golden boy Jokic at plus odds, or Embiid becomes the first Sixers MVP in more than two decades. This is an absolute slam dunk. It’s Mac McLung on All Star weekend.