Let’s get it back to the Flyers with a quote from head coach John Tortorella, aka “Torts” –

“You wouldn’t believe the mail I get. Just stop sending me mail about tanking.” 

I assume he’s talking about email, unless Delco moms are writing actual letters. That was the old mom threat from back in the day, like “I’m going to write this person a letter and let them know how I feel.”

Tanking is the biggest wink wink, nudge nudge thing in all of sports. Everyone knows that losing is beneficial, but you’re never going to admit to tanking (unless you’re Sam Hinkie), because there’s no net positive. Your players stop giving a shit and Sal Pal puts on his Kenesaw Mountain Landes pants to begin the forensic investigation.

There’s a fine line with all of this. You want to put yourself in position to land Connor Bedard. Wins help morale, but you also don’t want your young guys to get beaten down by too much losing. It’s like hockey Goldilocks. You gotta find the right temperature for the tanking porridge.