Laurence Fishburne is Playing Doc Rivers in a New FX TV Series

via @TheNBACentral

Laurence Fishburne is playing Doc Rivers in FX’s new TV miniseries called The Sterling Affairs, which is based on Donald Sterling’s 2014 fallout with the NBA. They crushed the casting for Doc:

Look at this line up!

This is how Doc thinks his hair still looks today. Every offseason Doc comes back with a fresh new paint job. Unfortunately, by the end of the season and after 15 years of blowing 3-1 leads, real life takes back over:

If Doc lasts until next season, we’re not too far from him showing up to Camden with a full on Boozer:


We’ll see how authentic Fishburne’s performance is if he’s trotting out all bench lineups in the 3rd quarter up 15.

P.S. If they don’t have a scene of this Donald Sterling interview in the show, I’m not watching: