Press release:

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 29, 2023: Longtime Philadelphia 76ers play-by-play announcer, Marc Zumoff, today announced the launch of his new weekly show “Fresh 24 With Marc Zumoff” debuting on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.  The show will “drop” a new episode every Wednesday at 6am exclusively on YouTube and all podcast platforms.

The show will feature “Zoo” sitting down 1-on-1 with, as Zumoff describes, “those who played, coached, or sat on the hardwood. The hardwood, where basketball players perform and where front row ticketholders sit when they watch them perform.”  The guests for the series feature all current and former players, coaches, media members, front office personnel and “celebrity” fans.

The show will be predicated around “evergreen” conversations that are guaranteed to take fresh and unexpected turns thanks to Zumoff’s more than 40 years covering the team. The first episode will feature the amazingly talented Kate Scott, who took over Marc’s role following his retirement in 2021. 

Fans can subscribe to the show on YouTube and all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  Fans can also follow along on the shows social media pages including InstagramTwitter and TikTok.

If Zoo is hosting the show, I’ll watch it. We’ll have to get him on Crossing Broadcast soon.

As you know, Zumoff retired in the summer of 2021 after 44 years in broadcasting and 39 with the Sixers. He’s currently the associate director of the Claire Smith Center for Sports Media at Temple, where he’s also teaching a play-by-play class.

Here’s the teaser: