This video was all over Twitter on Tuesday night. It’s from a woman who alleges that Danny Briere’s son pushed a wheelchair down a flight of stairs at a bar.

We didn’t do much with it at the time, because there was no official confirmation that Carson Briere was in fact the guy in the video, but a statement from Mercyhurst University (attached to her tweet) more or less corroborates the accusation without specifically naming him:

The woman who posted the video, Julia, wrote in a follow up tweet that “The chair was left on top of the stairs because she physically had to be carried down to use the restrooms. Which are only located downstairs.

‘She’ refers to someone not shown in the video, and the gist is that Briere’s son was being a dickhead and pushed the thing down the stairs while this person was in the bathroom.

Again, the statement from Mercyhurst doesn’t name Briere outright, so from an old school journalism perspective we’re supposed to keep using the word “allegedly.” Nevertheless, the Erie school is Briere’s second stop after he was kicked out of Arizona State a few years ago. An article at notes that he was booted for a violation of team rules and included this quote:

“I was just going out; I wasn’t taking hockey seriously. It wasn’t anything bad, it was just not being committed to hockey, I was more committed to having fun at school,” said Briere. “Too much partying, that’s probably the best way to put it.”

In a vacuum, the act itself doesn’t seem especially egregious, and college kids have certainly done much worse, but the thought that he was fucking around with someone who has a disability resulted in a lot of understandable furor on Twitter.

The Flyers may or may not issue a statement of their own, so we’ll see what happens from here.