If you’re squeamish, proceed with caution:


Look at his teammate’s reaction after he pops his knee back into place!

DAWG! Intercepting a dude and then putting your knee back into place is a legendary move. I haven’t seen a dawg like this since Byron Leftwich went to the hospital, found out he broke his tibia, and came back to lead Marshall:


Ahh fuck:

I don’t care. I’m running with the story that he popped his knee back into place. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. The dude has also had like three ACL surgeries since college, so the storyline plays. You can call this a cramp, I call it where the problems started. Some would say playing with a cramp hurts more. You ever wake up in the morning with a Charley Horse after a full day of drinking? There is no worse feeling. Just leave me to die at that point. He ended up knocking down Rosen’s pass to win the ball game. Let the story take on a mind of its own. It’s like Brian Scalabrine after he won a title with the Celtics:

In 20 years Justin Evans will tell his kids they amputated his leg and he still finished the game.