If this new recreational marijuana bill passes, your Wine & Spirits is going to be a one stop shop for a handle of Titos, a bottle of wine, some scratch offs, and a whole lotta weed. You could knock off your Christmas list in 30 minutes. Reds, whites, and greens. Of course a House Rep from Delco is leading the charge, via Chris Hoffman at CBSnews.com:

One bill proposes selling recreational marijuana in state stores, but advocates for cannabis say this is a plan they can’t get behind.  

If it’s up to Rep. David Delloso of Delaware County, you would be able to buy a nice whiskey and marijuana in the same store. He said cannabis could bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the state, but not everyone is on board. 

The good news is that it would be convenient. The bad news is the state stores would have a monopoly over marijuana, just like they do liquor and wine. I love this language in the bill from the Delco House Rep:

However, permitting private companies to sell cannabis in Pennsylvania could allow large corporations to take over the cannabis industry, putting profits before the well-being of our communities.  For these reasons, my legislation will legalize adult use cannabis through the current state store system in order to ensure the safety and integrity of cannabis sales in Pennsylvania.

Don’t let those evil private companies take advantage of your children! Let us do it ourselves! You know us! We’re the m̶a̶f̶i̶a̶ government! The company that has had the best interest of our citizens in mind for 200+ years now.

Don’t get your hopes up though. None of these bills are expected to pass as they are now, but could change in the future as the house talks through it. All I know is PA needs to introduce recreational marijuana just so people in the Philly area don’t have to go over the bridge to the Bellmawr spot. The lines are wrapped around the building every time you go, but that’s what happens when they’re supplying all of New Jersey, PA, and Delaware.

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