Now Who Could this Joel Embiid Quote be About?

Joel Embiid threw some shade while talking about his overturned sixth personal foul against Cleveland Wednesday night:

Here’s the full quote from Sixers reporter Rich Hofmann from The Athletic (with ads):

I think it was a good call. I never extended my arm and I never really put a lot of pressure into hitting him. And you could tell right before the hit, he was trying to flop and fall. I didn’t think I had extended anything. I watch basketball every day. And based on the way, those are officiated — We got some guys that basically play like running backs in this league that get that call all the time — I was pretty confident.

Now who could Joel Embiid be talking about? Running backs don’t play basketball! Let me do a quick Twitter search for “running back” and see if I can turn up any results. Hold on…

Almost finished…

I’m getting there…

Ok. I think I found something:

That whole scene Wednesday night in Cleveland was hilarious. It’s a fucking national televised game. There is no shot Joel Embiid was going to get thrown out from some soft-ass charge. We have Giannis out here running over dudes like prime Mike Alstott and knocking their teeth out:

Cavs fans are out here defiling a legendary song like Bust A Move and turning into Jokic stans because Joel might’ve pushed off: