WIP making lineup decisions in the evening:

This was one of the scenarios we talked about in a recent story, the idea of extending Fritz off the back end of Marks and Reese and then adjusting coverage around the Phillies games.

I gotta double check on this, but apparently the plan on non-baseball nights is to have the evening shift run from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and then there will be another host who comes in and does a few hours before Jon Johnson begins. That runs up until 6 a.m., when Joe DeCamara and friends begin the morning show. I’m calling it “Joe DeCamara and friends” for the time being, because whenever I tune in it’s mostly just “The Hammer” talking. They gotta get everyone else more involved on that show.

But anyway, this makes sense for WIP, the Fritz thing, because you’ve got a baseball fanatic producing P.M. drive, so you just give him that expanded role on the back end and now you’re good.