Rashaad Penny contract details:

That’s nothing. Low-risk, high potential reward if Penny can stay healthy.

Between Penny, Kenny Gainwell, and Boston Scott, the Eagles are committing about $5 million to the running back position in 2023, AS OF MARCH 15TH, which is very typical of their approach. Use guys on rookie deals and then supplement with stable veterans and/or “prove it” deals, and work a three-headed monster. Actually it’s a four-headed monster when you include Jalen Hurts, so it’s almost one-half of a hydra, which has nine heads in Greek mythology.

Best-case scenario? Penny stays healthy and rumbles behind that line while Gainwell takes a step forward. Worst-case scenario? Penny ends up on IR and you’re relying on the other two guys, and/or a rookie, to replace Miles Sanders’ productivity.