UPDATE: The Cowboys reporter Todd Archer deleted his original tweet right as I hit publish on this story. Here’s the original blog and updated story in footer. Thank you to the 15 people on Twitter who immediately told me my sources were wrong like my name is Todd Archer. You hold me accountable every day and I strive to be better for you. 

This feels dirty. I know the NFL is a business but this one is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

via @toddarcher on twitter

Howie Roseman needs to either know Slay is washed or just wanted to fuck up the Cowboys cap with the $17 million number. There’s no other reason he’d try to trade an All-Pro to a division rival just for it to come back and bite him in the ass next season. Also, how do we not know Todd Archer isn’t some dork trying to muddy up the Eagles chemistry by hiding behind a source. Am I supposed to trust an ESPN reporter with journalistic integrity? ESPN lies! Chris Mortensen got the PSI of almost every single football wrong during Deflategate. Schefty is making sure people in front offices are getting the first look at his stories before he hits publish so he doesn’t fuck up the cash cow. Todd Archer is just a part of an organization where bad journalism practices run rampant. There is no doubt Jerry Jones kidnapped his family and told him to tweet this out if he wanted their safe return. This is a nothing-burger. Enjoy your night.


UPDATE: After this story was published it looks like Archer saw me sniffing around and got spooked. This was his clarification after Johnny Airports stuffed him in a locker:

Thank you to the CB readers who hold me and my sources accountable: