This video is incredible. It shows a lower bowl full of Rangers fans celebrating Vladimir Tarasenko’s overtime game winner Wednesday night at the Wells Fargo Center:

Are we surprised? No. The Flyers are bad and they’re in the throes of a “rebuild,” or whatever Chuck Fletcher is calling it. But when you get a piece of video like this, or you see the images shared on Twitter last night, it provides a snapshot for how rough things really are in South Philly. It adds a tangible component to what we’ve discussed on here and on social media and the radio. New York Rangers fans totally took over the arena. One guy DM’d me saying he won free tickets to the game and ended up leaving because the atmosphere was complete dreck. Can’t say I blame him.

The Flyers aren’t going to stink forever, and they’ll turn it around at some point, but as someone who grew up during the Legion of Doom era, whose first Flyers game was the 1995 playoffs against Dominik Hasek and the Sabres, I can’t believe that piece of video is from Philly’s own arena.