Holy shit, Temple basketball’s coaching search is a dumpster fire. Jon Rothstein reported Temple offered its head coaching job to Missouri assistant Charlton Young:

Less than an hour later, Young pulled his name “due to the uncertainty with the leadership of the school” which follow’s President Jason Wingard’s Tuesday resignation:

I don’t even think I wanted Young, but this whole search has looked terrible for a program with a great basketball history. There’s no head coach, every player is in the transfer portal, and now your #1 choice, who had almost no close ties to successfully recruiting in Philly (a major qualification), publicly tells you to kick rocks. Mix that together with an AAC that lacks any juice or tradition now that its best teams are going to the Big 12 and we’re looking at a bleak future on North Broad. If the rumors that Colgate’s Matt Langel, a former assistant, didn’t want to leave the fucking Patriot League for Temple, then you might as well relegate this program to the PSAC.

Are you done complaining yet, Kyle?

Maybe! I’ll get off my soap box if Penn State’s Adam Fisher takes the job:

I don’t know how great the guy is at X’s and O’s, but he can recruit his ass off in the Philly area. Also, no offense to Karl Hobbs, but I now have zero interest in him because of how badly he wants this job.