The Rothstein Report:

This needed to happen. Getting blown out in the AAC quarterfinals by 30 on a neutral court, your best player leaving the program before the end of the year, and the “tournament or bust” quote before the season was the final nail in the coffin. If you would’ve told me that Temple would beat Villanova and Aaron McKie would still be fired before the season I would’ve called you crazy.

Of course it happens when his kid is one of the best recruits in the state as a sophomore. But if Temple fans know anything it’s how to deal with a future All-American going to Villanova because their pops was fired.

Rick Pitino when he sees the Italian Market:


UPDATE: So the original title of this blog was Temple fired McKie. It looks like they gave the legend the opportunity to step down, which is the right move, and carved out a special advisor position for him via

Temple University Vice President and Director of Athletics Arthur Johnson announced today that Aaron McKie will not return as the head men’s basketball coach for the 2023-24 season. McKie will transition into a new role as a special advisor to the athletics department. 

I believe McKie had one more year left on his deal so seems like they’ll just let him collect that check and throw his name in the media guide.