Another great Sixers win on Wednesday night.

The moment of the game is when Joel Embiid’s sixth foul was overturned:

Embiid said this about the play after the game:

“I knew it wasn’t an offensive foul. I never extended, and on the play you could tell that was something he wanted to do (embellish). That was a flop. That’s why I got the benefit of the doubt. If he would have taken a hit, maybe that could have been a charge, but you could tell right before he felt the hit he was already falling. I never extended.”

Tough play to call. It’s probably a flop and a foul at the same time. The contact made there is not enough to send Evan Mobley sliding on his butt to the restricted area, and the refs’ explanation does make sense. It’s not like Embiid was barreling down hill and totally flattened the guy. He was trying to make space at the elbow/nail, used his forearm, and got the benefit of the doubt on replay.