The Most Iconic Building in the Greater Philadelphia Region Has Been Sold

Kyle Pagan | March 14, 2023

Independence Hall. Boner 4Ever. The warehouse on 476. All iconic structures in the Philadelphia area. Unfortunately, one might be coming to an end according to Paul Schwedelson at Philadelphia Business Journal:

Velocity Venture Partners has acquired the building for $7.85 million with plans to market it to tenants seeking high-visibility industrial space. The 56,000-square-foot West Conshohocken landmark at 60 Portland Road is located on 3 acres directly west of I-476. More than 115,000 vehicles pass by daily on that section of the Blue Route, making it one of the most visible buildings in the Philadelphia area. put the property on the market almost a year ago after deciding it only needed about 5,000 to 10,000 square feet for its inventory of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and other collectibles.

This sounds dumb, but I never knew what sold. I only had time to read the black, size 280 font while my pops drove 80 mph down to a Phillies game. I honestly thought it was abandoned and no one wanted to buy it so the name just stayed up for 20+ years. Turns out the warehouse had an entire business inside of it, because it sold for almost $8 million. When Nana passes, that old people shit in her attic is worth more than you think. You can make a business off of straight-to-DVD movies and Season 1 of Coach all for $5. This place is like Netflix if it never went to streaming. The American Dream.

Tip your hat to this icon the next time you pass by. It outlasted Tower Records, Borders, and Sam Goody.