Those blood sucking predators over at the PPA towed Rodney McLeod’s car:

If you win a Super Bowl in this city, it should be against the law for you to be towed. You know how if your dad knew someone in the FOP, he had this card in his wallet or a sticker on his license plate to get out of a speeding ticket? That’s what everyone who was on the 2017 Eagles team should get. Give them a Super Bowl 52 decal to put on their car like it’s a get out of jail free card. It’s the only fair shake for the men that gave us the greatest moment of our lifetime. I mean shit, it should extend to everyone who has ever won a title in this city. It’s not like some cop is going to write a ticket to Dr. J for going 55 in a 45 once he notices it’s him. So save yourself the taxpayer dollars and let’s focus our resources on guys with Cowboys and Giants decal.

I mean look at these things:

via u/kauffj on Reddit 

Parking Wars Philadelphia was awesome though:

Kinkead: the PPA is the most corrupt governmental organization in the history of the world