Triggered Zach Lowe Had Some Words for “Juvenile” Daryl Morey

Photo Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Lowe said some things about Daryl Morey on his podcast. This is in regard to Morey’s tweets ripping the media for being Nikola Jokic lovers:

Zach Lowe voted for Nikola Jokic last year.

For what it’s worth, multiple things can be true here. We know that Daryl has the media triggered. We also know that the basketball scribes have thin skin and Daryl’s tweeting probably doesn’t help Embiid’s case. But I’m not sure it really matters because they hate the Process anyway. As long as The Ringer has 47 votes and The Athletic has 34 votes and Tencent is involved, Embiid ain’t winning.

People always argue that Jokic makes everyone around him better, and that’s true. His passing and facilitating are second to none. That’s the area where he has a clear advantage over Embiid. But this year, as of publication of this shit blog, Denver and Philly have almost identical records, Jokic has only played six more games, and Embiid is averaging more minutes when actually on the floor. The discussions about W/L and availability and all of that should amount to a wash.

It always comes down to the defensive side of the floor, and no one ever pays enough attention to that. Embiid is just infinitely more impactful on that end, and will never get enough credit for it. He’ll never win MVP with the current crop of fake news journos doing the voting.