The XFL has its first scandal:

I’ll never trust a Quinten. Guy just looks like a sleazy salesman trying to upsell me on some brake pads and a free oil change if I sign up for the extended warranty. So now Orlando has to decide, do they play Paxton Lynch, who they benched for Dormady in the season opener, or former FSU QB Deondre Francois? My pick is for Francois. Dude knows how to control a huddle:



Honestly, a scandal is great for the XFL. People need to be talking about the awesome new rules like the 4th and 15 play in lieu of an onside kick and mic’ing up players in the huddle, but they also need the drama too. It’s why we love the NFL. You can’t appreciate the DeVonta Smith one-handed catches and Jalen Hurts TDs if you don’t have Aaron Rodgers going into darkness for four days to make a decision on his future.

P.S. The funniest part of all this is the Guardians coach saying he needed new guys in a halftime interview last weekend. Uhhhhh ya think? –