I was scouring r/Sixers on Reddit to see if I missed anything from Saturday night and I came across this post about Kate Scott pumping up the crowd and taking a big ‘ol swig from a Sixers fan’s beer during the first TV timeout:


I went to Twitter to find a video and there was nothing! How? In today’s world, where everyone has their phone at the ready to record everything, how do we not have the Sixers announcer doing some beers? Well, thanks to Greg Gilston for the DM, we at least have a picture of Stone Cold Kate Scott taking a big gulp during Game 1:


This is how you get the entire fanbase on your side! Kate Scott hasn’t had the easiest time replacing the legend, Marc Zumoff, but this is one way to get every Sixers fan to love you. I think Kate Scott would hold her own in Jetro. If the 49ers come to the Linc again next year I want to do some beers with Kate Scott. Funnels. Beer Bats. Luges. Beer Hats. Whistling Bungholes. Spleen Splitters. Whisker Biscuits. Honkey Lighters. Hoosker Do’s. Hoosker Don’ts. All of it.