Bryce Harper did an interview with the ESPN crew during the sixth inning of Sunday night’s game. He looked absolutely thrilled to be doing it (thick sarcasm). 

At one point early in the segment, he was asked about the pitch clock and said this, in part:

“I know a lot of players that want our game back, right? But as of right now, it is what it is.”

Karl Ravech did a nice job later, coming back around to that answer and asking Harper to clarify:

So Harper thinks the pitch clock is ass. He’s certainly not the only one. Anthony and the baseball traditionalists hate it because “there’s nothing wrong with the game” and blah blah.

There’s nothing much to argue about RIGHT NOW, because the pitch clock is in place and it’s not going anywhere for the time being. We’re gonna need a good sampling of data here to figure out what’s a positive result of the pitch clock and what’s a negative result of the pitch clock. The games are shorter, yes, and the pace has picked up, which casuals seem to like, but until we get a good 2-3 months and try to get comfortable with it, it’s gonna be received the same way as any big rule change. It’s gonna be controversial and everyone is gonna have their own opinion.