Bryce Harper is going to play first according to Matt Gelb at The Athletic (with ads):

He wants to beat whatever timeline there is — and that is why there is no specific timeline — but certain things in a Tommy John surgery rehab cannot be rushed.

So be it. But Harper thought there was a creative loophole worth pursuing. He wanted to learn how to play first base.

Maybe it could help him return to the field quicker in 2023. Maybe it could help the Phillies beyond 2023. He first went to Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski earlier this month to make his pitch. It was compelling. Dombrowski engaged Thomson, his coaches, the club’s medical staff, and other front-office officials. They came to a conclusion this past weekend.

“Full go,” Thomson said to Harper inside the manager’s office.

Bryce is awesome man. How many dudes making $25 million a year are trying to get back on the field as quickly as possible after major surgery? How many are willing to change positions just to do it? The guy’s a dog! All he wants to do is win. That’s gotta jack the guys up in the clubhouse. If it actually works it’ll balance the lineup out even more and provide some depth the Phils have been lacking off the bench while also helping the Phils target certain players at the deadline.  It’ll also answer what to do at first since Rhys Hoskins’ contract is up.

The real question is: Is there a chance Bryce Harper could go down as the greatest first baseman in franchise history? Could we get eight solid years like Ryan Howard put together from 2006-14? Gotta think he has a shot if this becomes his full time position and he stays healthy. Could Bryce scrape together one more MVP and 200+ home runs for the rest of his career? I don’t see why he couldn’t at least give it a run.