“Did the Bucks announcers show bad sportsmanship last night when they took unprovoked shots at Montrezl Harrell??”


It’s been a wild last 24 hours on the Bird. Everyone has an opinion on the sportsmanship of two women they knew nothing about last Monday. Should Angel Reese be celebrated or sent to the gulag? It’s 50/50 right now. So if that’s the case, any punishment less than a two-game suspension without pay and a handwritten apology for Trezz from this broadcasting team won’t suffice. The pitchforks are being sharpened as we speak because basketball has always been about admiration and respect for your opponent.

There wasn’t a multi-million dollar brand with a basketball reality show on ESPN 15 years ago that played games for the sole purpose of embarrassing your opponents for the largest crowd pop. There wasn’t a seven part documentary about one of the greatest basketball players of all time that largely featured the psychological mind games he’d play with his opponents both on and off the court. LaBradford Smith is definitely not institutionalized in some Auburn Hills psyche ward still:

So there is no reason my guy Trezz should be taking shots while he’s just minding his business on the bench racking up another DNP. You think Alaa and Kate would ever call Giannis “Mr. Ladderman?” Nope. They’re consummate professionals. Even if Giannis deserved all the backlash that he got after he threw over the ladder of some dude who just wanted to go home after an 18 hour double: