Newly-rumored Eagles target Budda Baker checking in on the Jalen Hurts extension:

He’s liking everything about this extension. Literally:


He’s even trying to let Cardinals fans down easy. This is like when you want to break up with your girlfriend, but you’re living together and there are two months remaining on the lease. You know the relationship is over, but you can’t afford rent by yourself so you gotta wait until August 1st:

I mean Budda Baker already scrubbed his social media of all Cardinals-related stuff and he requested a trade in February if there wasn’t a new deal. An NFC Executive said Baker could be had for a 2nd or 3rd round pick:

Any chance that NFC Executive is a dashingly handsome Jew from New Jersey who has one of each and a penchant for draft day trades that complete his team? Could be. Most of Baker’s guaranteed money is already paid out. Would he restructure to take some guaranteed money and be on a title contender? He should come see what it’s like to play with a QB who actually wants to win. Plus, do you really want to be coached by this guy?