This made me laugh:

Mikey Miss should have hit Slay with a classic GOOGLE ME! That’s the only appropriate retort.

For some context, this was the Twitter exchange preceding Slay’s QT (minus the deleted tweet now) –

I actually agree with James here, aka @jimbosb16. I spot no lies there. Slay is a little diva-ish and spends too much time on social media like Kevin Durant and CJGJ. But he is a Pro Bowl corner and one of the best we’ve had in Philly since the days of Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown. I’ll take Slay and James Bradberry over any other Bird duo going back 15 years now, regardless of whether or not Slay’s second half of 2022 was as good as the first half.

But wait, there’s more:

Let’s start naming names, Slay. Who are the good ones? Certainly Crossing Broad has to be in that category. We are fair and balanced! We launched “rational Tuesday” on the YouTube show and beat the pragmatism drum more than anyone during the Birds season. Crossing Broad is coverage you can count on.