Donte DiVincenzo was on the Point Forward podcast with two former Sixers, Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala, when he revealed he almost transferred to North Broad a few months before he won a title and Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four:


Donte DiVincenzo almost transferred from Villanova to Temple. 🤯 A few months after deciding to stay, he was MOP of the Final Four, a National Champ, and a first round draft pick by the Milwaukee Bucks. Safe to say, he made the right call. #dontedivincenzo #villanovabasketball #marchmadness #nba #ncaa

♬ original sound – Point Forward podcast

My reaction:

Don’t get me wrong, that Temple team he would’ve joined the next year was good. They went 23-10 and made the tournament then lost in the First Four. Temple’s last NCAA Tournament appearance in fact. But they weren’t Villanova. They definitely weren’t the Villanova team he wanted to leave until Jay Wright told him he couldn’t.

Sidenote: Does the NCAA know Jay was keeping guys at Nova against their will? That’s borderline kidnapping if you ask me. No chance the statute of limitations have run out. Maybe the NCAA should investigate. Take away some scholarships. I don’t know I’m just spit balling.

Could you imagine though if DiVincenzo actually transferred? Great get for the Owls, but lets be honest, his life is completely flipped upside down on its head. No MOP, no National Championship, and no first round pick. That’s insane.

Or is it? Because the Girlfriend Transfer Portal Theory is up there with Newton’s Law of Physics and E=MC2. Who was Donte DiVincenzo dating in North Philly?