This draft just became the most important one of our lifetimes:

I just removed everyone except Bijan Robinson from my Big Board. Howie, for the good of the people and for the good of the sports community put us out of our misery. You’re already a legend in this city. This could get you a statue. Just think about all the good you’re doing.

No more of Howard trying to get bulletin board material for the Boston Celtics:

No more updates on Lawrence McCutcheon:

No more telling us about how bad a downtown stadium is even though he hasn’t driven past Broad and Pattison for 20 years:

Put us out of our misery. Do it for Danny Watkins and Marcus Smith and Derek Barnett and Andre Dillard and Jalen Reagor. Do it for us. We stuck by you through thick and thin.

Hey Howie:


P.S. With all this new time on his hands maybe he’ll finally stop ducking my milk off challenge: