Interesting nugget here from Schefty:

“Georgia DT Jalen Carter is visiting the Bears today. It is his second visit, with him already having visited the Eagles. Carter’s agent Drew Rosenhaus said he is declining visit requests for any team drafting outside the top 10 picks. “I’m confident Jalen will go in the top 10,” Rosenhaus said. “He’s a good person, a family man, loves football and is a generational talent.” Carter was invited and plans to attend the NFL Draft later this month in Kansas City.”

We’re probably going to blow out of proportion the fact that he visited the Eagles first. Howie Roseman and the front office bring in a lot of guys as an exercise in due diligence, so there’s not much to glean if you’re trying to read between the lines, at least from the Birds’ side of it.

The other side, however, is somewhat unique. Here’s a guy who has an off-field incident hanging over his head, and there’s talk of him dropping. In that case, you’d think it might make sense to get out there on these visits and show teams who you really are, answer some questions, and make the most of the PR opportunity, but if the guy is a top-ten talent, then no, he probably doesn’t need to go visit with the Bengals or Bills this year. It’s a calculated decision on Rosenhaus’ part.

When it comes to the Eagles and guys with “character issues,” or problematic stuff they carry with them into the draft, one of the things fans should feel comfortable with is the amount of work the team does beforehand. The Eagles really run a clean program and a tight ship, and we haven’t had any truly controversial player issues here in a long time. There’s Nigel Bradham punching the pool attendant, and serving a one-game suspension, then Josh Huff speeding over the bridge and Daryl Worley’s arrest. There’s Lane Johnson and PEDs, but the last uber-controversial addition was Michael Vick, who had already served jail time for the dog fighting conviction.

I think if the Eagles do draft Jalen Carter, it won’t be a whimsical kind of thing. They’ll get Big Dom DiSandro to do a thorough background investigation and make sure they feel comfortable before the selection.