Fellas. Ladies. Slide in those DMs. That’s what Jalen Hurts’ agent did, and she just negotiated the richest deal in the history of the NFL, via Brandon Sneed at Sports Illustrated:

After playing the final game of his collegiate career for Oklahoma in January 2020, Jalen Hurts checked his Instagram messages. One of them was from NFL agent Nicole Lynn: “Hey, have you picked an agent? If not, I’d love to link.”

“A total Hail Mary,” is how Lynn describes it.

It was beyond a long shot. Most players entering the draft have long since picked an agent by January.

Lynn went to OU law school and her husband played football there, years before Hurts. Before becoming a Sooner, Hurts won a national championship with Alabama; Lynn already represented about a dozen Crimson Tide alumni, including offensive tackle Quinnen Williams, the highest drafted player in the school’s history. Lynn also lives in Houston, where Hurts is from.

“All this synergy,” she recalls now. So she fired off the DM on impulse. “I didn’t expect him to even see it.”

Hurts saw it; he was still in the process of finding an agent. “I wanted to hear her out,” he says now.

What a story. People overlook Lynn just liked they overlooked Jalen:

Lynn was at the Senior Bowl with Hurts and his dad soon after signing him when another agent—a man—said to them, “Hey, if baby girl doesn’t work out, give us a call. She’s sweet, but—you know.”

Hurts didn’t care for that. “How much of this do you deal with?” he asked Lynn later. “Why would it matter that you’re a woman?”

“Oh, Jay,” she said, laughing. “This is just my life.”

She’s now the first President of Klutch Sports’ football division. She reps other NFL players like Quinnen Williams and Bijan Robinson. All by the age of 34. And now her and Jalen just got PAID on the same day. She’ll never have to send another DM ever again. Clients are going to be knocking down her door. Slide in those DMs. You never know.

*Crossing Broad isn’t liable for the increase of DMs that may or may not be slid into in the future.