Jalen Hurts dropped some new quotes we can make into t-shirts today:


I need to know which daily inspirational quote email service Jalen subscribes too. Does he rattle these off in his everyday life?  “It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight. But the size of the fight in the dog.” as he stands 12th in line at the deli counter.

Do you think he practices these in the mirror before press conferences? They can’t be all off the dome. I feel like on the ride over between itinerary for the day him and his agent had to go over a couple.

At the press conference you’re going to say, “Money is nice. Championships are better.” At the contract signing I’m going to need you to say, “Nothing changes but the weather.”

Then if we have time, the Eagles have a whole closet of “It’s A Philly Thing” merch they’re trying to offload, can you remind fans that’s still available on the team store?

I’m convinced Jalen says these just so he can put them on a shirt and generate a new revenue stream! It’s genius! By Christmas he’ll be selling a daily flip calendar of stoic quotes for your desk at work.

The craziest part is Eagles fans don’t seem to give a shit about them. I feel like we typically hate canned quotes and pandering, but there is something different about this guy that fans can sense the genuine character. That dork Carson Wentz never could’ve rattled these off. He’d be discovered as a fraud almost immediately. Jalen is the complete opposite. He’s cool as fuck and it seems like he eats, sleeps, and breathes football. It’s not hard for an Eagles fan to wrap their mind around this guy being a winner. He’s earned it.